Blickle Kino / Belvedere 21
Quartier Belvedere
Arsenalstraße 1
1030 Vienna

The ‘Belvedere 21’ is located in Vienna’s 3rd district and in walking distance (10-15 minutes) to the Central Railway Station (Hauptbahnhof). You can reach the venue using different options from Vienna’s public transport. In immediate vicinity you can connect to the stations ‘Quartier Belvedere’ (tram D, O and 18, municipial railway S1, S2, S3, S4), ‘Fasangasse’ (tram 18, tram O), ‘Hautpbahnhof Ost’ (tram D) and ‘Südtiroler Platz/ Hauptbahnhof’ (underground line U1, municipial railways S1, S2, S3, S60, S80, bus 13A and 69A, railway).

From the city center:

Board the underground line U1 at stations ‘Stephansplatz’ or ‘Schwedenplatz’ (with destination ‘Oberlaa’) and get off at ‘Südtiroler Platz/ Hauptbahnhof’.
Take the exit called ‘Canettistraße’ and keep on the Canettistraße (which takes a left turn) until you reach a crossing with Arsenalstraße. Cross the street and turn right until you reach the Museum ‘Belvedere 21’ at Arsenalstraße 1.

(detailed description with map)

Due to construction work on some of the city’s railtracks the tram line D will make a detour and therefore also make a stop at the station ‘Schwedenplatz’ as long as the conference takes place.
Board tram line D (destination ‘Alfred-Adler-Straße’) and get off at station ‘Quartier Belvedere’. Continue walking down Arsenalstraße until you reach Arsenalstraße 1 and the Museum ‘Belvedere 21’.

(detailed description with map)

From ,Magdas’-Hotel (Laufbergergasse 12):

After exiting the hotel turn left and walk down Laufbergergasse until you reach Schüttelstraße. Turn right and keep walking along Schüttelstraße – which runs alongside the Donaukanal (‘Danube Canal’) – until Franzensbrücke, where you will reach a tram stop. Board tram line (with destination ‘Raxstr./ Rudolfshügelgasse‘) and get off at ‘Fasangasse’.
Cross Landstraßer Gürtel, enter the park (‘Schweizer Garten’) and walk across it on Schweizer-Garten-Straße (ca. 300 meters). Turn left onto Arsenalstraße and left again to enter the Museum ‘Belvedere 21’.

(detailed description with map)

For further information concerning public transport in Vienna we recommend two websites that will help you plan your route from any chosen location (available in English or German):

Wiener Linien Passenger Information (Journey), also available as an App (WienMobil App) 

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